Saturday, November 07, 2015

Traditional Snow Angels

These pure merino snow angels reflect the traditional way that children collected sheep's wool from the hedgerow to make into a simple decorations for the festive season. 
Today I use only the finest merino and a little glitter (there has to be glitter)
These angels are in the Made in Stirling shop hoping for a new home sometime soon. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Made in Stirling shop keeps me busy

I was a bit sad today when my felt class at the Peacock and the Tortoise, in Perth was cancelled through lack of support. I had made some gadget cases for iPads, phones and tablets but it seems that is not as popular as my bag and hat workshops which usually go down really well. It means I will have an extra day to make things for MiS. I've got the loan of a gadget to make handbag mirrors with and have been messing about with it - it's quite fun and the end product is rather attractive (useful too). It seems a good use of tartan remnants........ I've done some silk ones too - goodies from my stash!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Made in Stirling Shop

The Made in Stirling Shop now in Murray Place (opposite the Cafe Crema) has kept me busy since last summer. We are still open through the chilly months and even now in the quiet time there is a buzz from our regulars and always new visitors delighted to find such a unique place. It is a truly local shop - everything in it is made in the local community by amazing and talented artists and makers. I love the project because it's not just a shop it's a meeting place and a hub for information gathering and sharing and the most amazing support network for what can be quite a lonely lifestyle.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Potty about tie-dyeing

Dallowgill Hardcore met at Skeeby in the last weekend of September. It's a fun group of serious feltmakers!!
We enjoy good food and a wee swallee; and talk and make felt into the early hours in the best of surroundings.
This time Thelma had brought a little bowl made with a double resist which she had made up from the verFilzt Und zugeNaht magazine that we all like catching up with - great journal BTW.
Well we all seemed to go mad - Iris made some pomegranates and wild Victorian extravaganza flowers, Jean  made a Medieval Helmet for a miniature warrior and every colour, shape and size was produced in a frenzy of activity, well peppered with wine and cheese.

Back in the cold - well not so cold light of Craigton with builders, scaffolding and runaway hens I have managed to get back into the tie-dyeing of my lovely silk scarves. It's always a mini adventure tying them up and then seeing just what you've got when the process is complete. I'm sure I visit this enchanted forest in my dreams....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things are changing at Craigton

The family have moved in with me at Craigton and building work will soon begin on my extension - brand new studio as well as living accommodation and then there will be no stopping me. At present I am taking a little breath - well working at the Made in Stirling shop right in the centre of Stirling as well as at the Makkers in Mugdock Country Park so I'm keeping busy but not always on the 'making felt' front! Still teaching, though - I've a two day picture class through at Purely Patchwork in Linlithgow on the 8th and 10th July as well as four classes at the Peacock and the Tortoise at Perth this autumn - bags, hats, slippers and my famous flower corsages - so I've not exactly got my feet up....   oh, and I've been tie-dyeing too!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Blooming wonderful

Victoria Hall is busy with lots of new stalls. All handmade stuff and a great variety! The sun is out all we need is a good turnout to be happy happy happy.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Into the New Year

A wet and dismal start to the New Year has not dampened my enthusiasm for the exciting developments at Craigton. The house alterations have already started in the making of the new room in the roof void, and though I have had to yield up my studio to facilitate this I can still manage to create and make in the small 'dark room' down the stairs and will soon be back to full speed in my new studio.
The 'Made in Stirling' group had a good start in the period leading up to Christmas in a new venue at 3 King Street - right in the centre of the city. There seems to be a good mix of creatives and clients to move the project forward and the stuff in the Gallery/Shop is of superb standard and well worth a visit!